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Quoting Wittgenstein, “A picture held us captive” (Philosophical Investigations, 115). This is seemingly the case with regard to the materialist/reductionist picture - a picture into which we are possibly seduced by the success of the scientific enterprise in helping us to conceptually model and understand the objective world. But this picture is not forced upon us by logical necessity, nor by empirical evidence. The upshot is that although many are quick to dismiss panexperientialism, this is an illicit move in the game, especially given that the materialist/reductionist picture exhibits profound problems when pushed to its limits. In physics, the measurement problem, delayed choice histories, nonlocality, and the quantum Zeno effect, all of which present such a challenge for the materialist/reductionist picture, are rendered less enigmatic by panexperientialism. The question arises as to the mechanism by which the consistency of characteristics is ensured across instances of "dissolution" into the wholeness, but by virtue of its very indivisibility the implied wholeness is beyond language and logic.

In this discussion I have presented a positive case for panexperientialism, showing how this view addresses issues upon which the materialist/reductionist picture cannot gain any traction on its own terms.

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